My Photo Journey

I have recently discovered my love of photography in the last 3-4 years. My mom ALWAYS had a camera glued to her hand, especially at family functions, so I cannot imagine a life without pictures.

Amazingly, it all began with a frog. Yes, a tadpole to be exact. We home school our children and one lesson suggested we get a tadpole and watch it change into a frog. I wanted to take pics. The only digital camera I had was in my video recorder- it was okay, but not what I was looking for at all.

So, I purchased a little Kodak camera- loved it, but it was seriously lacking, also- no zoom whatsoever! Hmmmmm...something still wasn't right.

I began to investigate online and observe what other people had. DSLR came up. Huh? What's that? Did you say change lenses like the professionals- uhhhh, no! Not my cup of tea at all. I don't want to get THAT into photography! My husband encouraged me, but I was still totally chicken. Then, we came across the Olympus SP550UZ- Perfect!

It was a glorified point and shoot that I named Ollie. No need to change lenses, the zoom was x18 and I could also do macro shots! Oh how I shot everything in sight and was able to take great pics. But, there was a draw back. I wanted to be able to take photos of my children and to be able to frame them, hang them on walls and give out to family and friends. I could and I did BUT when photographing my children (or any person) they had to hold still for a really long time due to the shutter lag of my camera.

So, once again, my search began and no matter what I did and no matter who I asked the same four letters would continually come up- DSLR. OMG!!! No! I couldn't possibly do it! My wonderful, supportive husband once again told me that I could...and I ventured out 2 years ago and purchased my Nikon D40- wow!

I actually did it and have officially fallen head over heels in love with photography! From there I have ventured into PhotoShop Elements 7 & Light Room 3 along with a little known program, called Photo Explosion.
I still carry my Olympus in my purse and my D40 was a great entry level camera, but I have grown photography wise and surprisingly, I am ready for a bit more camera and in the next few weeks, I plan to purchase a intermediate camera-Nikon D90, her name will be Nikola. So, the adventure continues...
Turns out I was blessed to get a Nikon D7000! God is good!

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